Friday, September 12, 2014

Landscape/Seascape for Dental Office

Left side of a triptych -72" x 48"
The requirements for this setting, an intimate and beautiful older carriage house that has been transformed into a dental office, was that the commissioned painting give a feeling of mystery and ambiguous space - calming and appealing to the imaginations of patients as they have their teeth taken care of.
In doctor's and dentist's offices and treatment rooms, the art on the walls can play a part in helping people in a time of anxiety.

The boat is a symbol of passage and in this case, an invitation to journey or rest in this stark landscape/seascape. It helps expand the feeling of dimension by going back into nature.

This is one of three boats that inhabit the three panels that hang together and offer a destination for a few moments in time where one is free to explore a kind of dream space.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bon Appetite Mentions Murals!

Bon Appetite Magazine- September 2014 talks about murals
 In the September issue of Bon Appetite magazine, we were delighted to find the following quote that helps with a larger picture of why a restaurant would choose commissioned art to adorn the walls and give distinction to the space.
Hand painted murals are the real thing - created specifically to resonate and give off some wonderful energy. They make the whole eating experience more memorable and remarkable.
The Bon Appetite mural sample